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RDR Single-Player Discussion


Registered User
Can someone tell me where/how to get a deed for the horse I broke in? Its a Stallion and its quite a bit quicker than my old horse.

The Messiah

#1 Troll
Just started my epic journey back to Blackwater when I decided to stop & help some woman stranded on the side of the track (because I'm a nice guy & all that). Anyway she wanted a ride in the opposite direction which was twice as far as my journey to Blackwater. Fuuuuuuuuuckkkk!!!!

Lörd TH

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Finished the storyline last night, very sad ending but such an awesome story, I'd be shocked if this wasn't game of the year and also I won't post any spoilers about the ending but....2

Dale C.

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I've got the Elegant suit, the Duster and the Poncho. Currently sporting the Poncho because it makes me look like Clint Eastwood.

This game is intense man, loving all the missions in Mexico and the music gets remarkably better in Mexico, I think.


Witchfinder General
I thought Messiah was chatting bullshit but I too shot two beavers with a shotgun and they did seem to disintegrate.

Several points:

1) I loved Reyes' line about not wanting to marry a peasant girl 'with a tight cunt and the hands of a farmer.'

2) Being able to jump onto moving trains whilst on horseback is a great feature.

3) The end of the Deadulus and Son mission is brilliant. In general, I love the sense of macabre in this game, really feels of the time.

4) I know this is faggy in the extreme, but I had one of my best experiences in gaming for as long as I can remember earlier. First time I ventured into the West Elizabeth region, it began to really pelt with rain (one thing I noticed that you probably all have already - if you pan the camera towards the sky, the screen gets droplets on it). I got to the Manzanita outpost when some woman asked me to look for her wagon. It was dark and I found myself in bear country, and bottled going into the heart of it, so I turned back, failing to find the wagon. With a fierce storm brewing, I moved south and found a camp with three men being attacked by a bear and boar. I dispensed with them, but the three fags decided they wanted a bit, so I offed them also.

Then I went nearby to finish the 'I Know You' stranger mission. I won't spoil it for those who haven't got there yet, but the way this played out, with the storm raging in the night, was fantastic. I almost got chills watching it, topped off the whole experience for me. If I was playing this in the early hours of the morning, on my own in the house, I'd have probably shit myself at the whole eerie ambience of it all.

I love this game. I can't remember the last time I fagged out to a game like this.


Loving the game so far. I've just made it over to Mexico. A lot of little highlights along the way so far, one of being having a coyote running between my horses legs whilst I was aiming at it and ending up shooting my horse in the face whilst I was riding it. :huh:

The Messiah

#1 Troll
Uncle is bloody useless!

I love the little touches on this game. If you tie a criminal up then just leave them while doing your watch a sheriff will ride over & see to them. I know in other games they would skip that & just have the criminal disappear into thin air.

Edit: I take it back about Uncle.


Anyone know exactly where i will find the Armadillo dual fight?

The above is my 4th task, towards to my Assassin outfit.

Dale C.

Registered User
I must say this game has disappointed me a little.

First of all the ending is pretty shocking, didn't really explain anything.

The gameplay is jsut a little too similar to GTA for it to be considered a unique game. I know its been banged around a lot, but this will only ever be the 'GTA in the wild west'.

I'm going to keep it for a bit longer, do all the side quests, spend a bit of time on multiplayer etc, then i'm going to decide on whether selling it for maximum trade in value would be a good idea or not.

It's not as good as I thought it would be.