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Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial


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Problem with Bin. Cue?

Hi I followed the instructions exactly as it stated to transfer option file using Bin Cue method. However when I go to Boot the disc using swap magic it just say's Not a PS2 disc? I have tried it several different time and still the same result? Can anyone help?

Roland Cheng

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hello i am quite new here, and was wondering a clearer instruction on how do i transfer the option file that i have downloaded from this website into my PS2?


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is max drive the same as usb and also how can i download its software into my ps2 ...i mean i put the usb in with the file...and nothing happens change..can anyone help me pls?


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Hi there.. anyway im using a modded ps2 set. i downloaded an option file. the bin/cue. i opened the .cue file and out came 4 files. the thing is i burn the 4 files on a cd-r and put it in. nothing happened. so i tot i ll put it the .bin file too. and.... nothing happened then. if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it!! THANKS DUDES!!


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is there anyone who can help me? i still cant get the option file running. I only burn 1 file into a cd-r. the .cue as was told by wan. but still nothing happened =( i've wasted 3 discs already. pleaseeee can anyone help me??


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Transfer Trouble

Hey, I need a bit of help. I have Gameshark 2 for PS2 and a thumbdrive. I downloaded the max drive and x-port versions of an NTSC file for my ntsc game onto the thumbdrive. I then successfully copied those files to my ps2 memory card. Here is where the problem comes in....when I load PES 2008, it says there is no option file created.....the stock OF loads. HOW DO I GET THESE FILES ON MY MEMORY CARD TO WORK IN THE GAME....HELP PLEASE.



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Hey guys

Been keeping up to date on the forums for a few weeks and ordered my Max Drive last week

I recieved it today so i thought id use the tutorial you guys have put up on here. I have one slight problem...Im not sure if my Max Drive is faulty but i have done exactly what it says in the manual and what it has said on here and when i go to my devices on the PS2 and into the max drive it doesnt bring anything up. The files i have put on are .max files so i dont see how they dont work.

Another thing is that when i go to put things from my memory card onto my max drive, it just keeps telling me that there is insufficient space on the disk. How is that possible when it is completly empty apart from the one .max file i have on it.

Ime not sure if its faulty or not so any help would be appreciated

Thanks guys


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You sure you using the thumbdrive they gave you?

I encountered this problem when I was using my own thumbdrive.

Then I changed and decided to use my Sony thumbdrive (I lost the original one), and when I plug in they detect it instantly and it works.

Hope it helps.