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Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial


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nah i dont think its that m8ty, it might be to do with the fact that ime still using the old large playstation

I might try it on the slim ps2 and see then

Anyone else got any solutions?


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Problem with transferring Option file (PS 2, MaxDrive)

Hi everyone!

I've searched for my problem, but I haven't found a solution yet, so I might just ask here:

I have the german version of PES 2008 (Playstation 2) and just wanted to transfer the Ultimate British Master League Option File 2.6 via MaxDrive USB to my MemCard (Uncrush).

But everytime I start PES afterwards, it doesn't recognized the uncrushed file as an Option File and asks me to create a new one, although I uncrushed it to Memcard in Slot 1. I've tried it a several times.

Is the problem the language? Do I have to convert it? And if not, what else could be the problem.

I'm looking forward for your ideas, thank you.

Have a nice day



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Hi im new to PES. I wanted to make an option file of my own. I downloaded the pes editor, i have a usb max drive, and i have the slim ps2 but i dont know how to put my option file on the max drive. can anyone help?



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Hey i am new here so wanted help so tell me What is modded/chipped ps2 pls tell me. I have a slim ps2.


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Hi everyone!

I have one way to move save file from USB to MC for PS2 Slim model 7x or 9x.

First you need uLaunchELF. One new CDRW, One USB <= 1Gb format = FAT.


Step 1: Open Save File by PS2 Save Builder

Step 2: Choose all file on left table, right mouse -> extract. (it appear name of file is "not use" but don't rename, keep it and extract)

Step 3: Make new folder and rename = name of save file (suppose in this case: BESCES-51719GAMEDATA).

Step 4: Move all file you extract before to new folder and copy this folder to USB.

Step 5: Burn uLaunchELF into your CD. Burn image file before you unrar.

Step 6: Open disk by Ps2. In menu, press O and go to mass:/ (USB), choose save game and press R1 -> Copy. Press /_\.

Step 7: Choose MC (slot 1 is mc0:/, slot 2 is mc1:/), Press R1 -> mcPaste. Done.

Have fun :D. I have little English, sorry :p.


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Can someone just send me their Memory card or max drive buy post so i can just copy it. I would be very grateful!


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This method for slim u have given but i dont know one thing that what file .ext i have to download to put it in memory card


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Could anyone give me proper info that do i have download the xps or max file to transfer into memory card with the usb method.


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Pls its urgent i had burned the uclaunchelf software onto the cd but my ps2 says unknown format. And i wanted to ask that did i do something wrong. I have done everything right but i am getting stuck in this burning process.