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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

The Muff

Registered User
Hi Muff. Did you use savegames i put some days ago to unlock Bundesliga players?:D

Will they be avaiable in the next update (i hope tomorrow...)?:cool:

I did. I found another knocking around that allowed me to unlock a few other players too. Very helpful :)

Muff, wouldn't you still be able to make a release of the new kits without the file, as knowing Konami's we'll be waiting a while.

If I'd have thought of doing this earlier, I would have. But then again, I would only have been able to release the kits and not the file itself so people would still have to create templates for some kits (most are already done) and some people aren't happy with having to do a bit of work themselves :D The kits have been ready for like a week. However, with Konami dropping the patch tomorrow, I may as well just wait.

just so I don't have to trawl through this thread... but does every single file have to be copied in the game save utility bit? Like each individual PNG file? I'm new to all this... How do chants work as well do they need putting in the music directory or the konami_playlist thingy?
Might be worth editing this info into the first post...

Save data utility. And yes, each individual file.

As for the chants, the playlist should be called KONAMI_PES (no space at the end)

Maximum of 64 MP3's will show up in game

v1.03. Strange...

Are you going to do up to date team line ups for Prem teams?

If you mean starting lineups, no, not many. The computer sorts that out when playing against them in ML/BAL etc

is it possible to remake Messi's face and hair in the next version of your OF? I don't like his default face and hair, he has new hair that is not so long, thx

Messi looks great! I could have a look into the hair maybe but I'm not doing anything to his face

I have already done what you suggest. I can see all the files but when i go into the game and start editing there are no new kits for me to add the emblems/sponsors on, and when i do add them on to the old kits it still has the white and grey chequered back ground on the kit.

Sounds like you're copying them into the wrong place or are trying to combine files. Make sure they're saved in save data utility and not game data utility or whatever it's called.

The Muff

Registered User
Ok, so why arent they in the game as i can see them on my console?

Could it be that i havent copied them to the right location on console?

The faces and uniforms(seems only to be badges,sponsors and emblems. No kits) have been copied to pictures and chants to music.

Are the kits in the edit file?

Have i gone wrong somewhere?

Yeah, you have. It should be as simple as placing the 'PS3' folder onto a flashdrive, insert flash drive into PS3. Turn on console. Go to Saved Data Utility. Click USB device. Copy everything one by one

What a great job you did!!

I love it.

Even Robinho has an updated haircut!

Keep up the good work with more updates.

Im very happy!!!

The small things make all the difference :) Thank you for downloading


Registered User
I don't know if someone asked this before;If konami won't fix that,are you going to fix formations?Most of teams have wrong players in line-up,you know.

The Muff

Registered User
Added some new images to first post:



Registered User
ok i have a good kit marking for boltons kits but do you care to share the trick on getting it too look right? i was just looking for a bit of help is all


Registered User
there are only 3 greek teams in the it so hard to do updated rosters for them :(
sorry for being so negative on your massive effort and i thank for that..i'm just plain dissapointed.


Registered User
Its an awesome file
I love it

2 Questions....

1-Is there a way to quickly delete another option file I have or do i have to do it file by file

2-Is there a potential of a Bundesliga addition?


Registered User
11:11 am
London... Grey day, shit weather! (Yeah, as usual... but hey!!!!) The long awaited Konami patch just came out and to my pleasure it automatically got downloaded (approx 40mb)... BUT what are the "major" changes?

Can anyone enlighten me please? :)


Registered User
I have downloaded the .rar file, then unzipped it, copied it onto a USB pen, then copied all of the files one by one from the USB to the PS3 in the savedata screen.

I then load the game and it begins to load in edit data, and I get a black screen with the message

"The data is corrupted.

Can't work out why this is happening...any ideas?


Registered User
the best bet (thats what i did) is to delete the edit data in ps3 ..apply the patch and wait for an update from this thread :D

ps. i hope in the update will include the 3 greek teams correct rosters pretty plz :p