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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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Nah, nothing's changed. No Robinho in Manchester City!!!! And if I remember no Vincent Kompany either! :-/

What's wrong with Konami.
If I tell you guys that I haven't started a Master League yet even thought I got the game delivered 2 days before the shops from Why?

Koz first I was struggling to find a decent option file and then, for some reason I had to install Von's one... etc, etc "Konami releasing patch" news. And now, I'm left thinking "What the f... ? :( "

Damn man!!!!
I think, I'm gonna buy Monopoly for PS3 and play it... F... it! -_-"


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gudjohnson is there. Arsenal have most of the young talents there too like Ramsey, Wilshere, etc.
They threw in most of the 1st team young talents that were around.

Though i have 2 issues with what they did for Man Utd...
They gave Ronaldo a injury rating of B which is kinda dumb considering he got a bad injury in like what? Once in 6 years? On top of that, the injury is accumulated stress type, not somebody hacking him down and breaking his ankle or something. Its kinda dumb now that the moment he gets hacked down he gets carried off and in most cases gets injured... IRL he gets hacked down, gets back up and take the free kick himself... Ironically, Hargreaves still has an injury rating of A...

Also they made Fabio a left footer when he's a right footer in real life. Granted, he plays predominantly on the left side but to change his dominant foot juz because they were too lazy to reflect the fact that he is comfortable with his left foot as much as his right is just bad decision making on Konami's part...


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What about the new kits for the spanish teams? Licensed??? Any new players in Serie A or La Liga, or just new players in PL? THANKS


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no busquets at barca though. maybe he will be in the next option file???
VON OPTION FILE will release a new one won't they?
I hope so


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yeah it does affect some stuff. Like scrambling the teams of Bayern and Bremen. Also there are some duplicates of players like Gudjohnson, Ronaldo, Rafael, Fabio, Possebon, Manucho, etc etc. They wont be in the listed teams though, juz in the created player data.


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Yeh I think I'll delete the edit data file as Muffman will update the Von OF and will release in the next few days, so I'll just wait for that as he will probably just delete those created players!


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Just finished downloading and installing! Actually don't see any scrambling!

Can't see any duplicates! For Man Utd they have added Hewson And Tom Cleverley.

Just gonna Check out the rest of the stuff!


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Forgive me for sounding idiotic, but im trying to patch PES for the first time. I have downloaded Von's patch, saved to flash drive, inserted into PS3, however where am i supposed to copy the ps3 files to? I assumed saved data however if i click the drive it says nothing found, and if i press triangle i dont get an option for display all??? is this something to do with the new update?

thanks for any help


Registered User
put flash drive to ps3
go to save data utility
press triangle button and choose display all
u will find lots of file
then copy them one by one


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when i press triangle there is no display all option, just says information??

okay mate
u r using ps3 rite?
at 1st just copy the ps3 folder to ur usb stick
then plug to ps3
and if u have any doubtful
pls fell free to view the tutorial tread


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some greek info after konami update:
Panathinaikos (not updated at all!):
In -> Moon (S.Africa), Gabriel (create), Mantzios (create), Sousa (create), Tzorvas (create), Melissis (create)
Out -> Dimoutsos, N'Daye, Romero, Darlas, Papadopoulos, Malarz
In -> Juanfran (create), Zorbas (create), Koutroumanos (create), Hetemaj (create)


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sorry my english, muff.
i have an old option file and i have to delete this for apply new patch of konami and your new otpion file 1.04.
little tutorial please for these operations.
thanks a lot. regards.