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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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hi guys, first time posting
just wanted to ask a quest regarding this option file. i have downloaded all the files and followed the correct steps. i have copied all the kits etc to my ps3 and when i go to load the info in EDIT MODE nothing happens. im very lost as i dont know what to do next. do you need to go in every team and scan each kit that way?and is that the same for the logos?
hope you guys can help me, cheers

have you got the konami update? check by going to download in PES2009


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Other teams in League B

Hey Muff, just wana say great file!

I see you are making Shakle 04 & B Leverk for v1.5 do you plan to amke any other teams? Maybe top 5 biggest Clubs in Championship> Just an idea!!



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MISTAKE!!!!! Chile doesn't have the right player... salas, rubio, luis jimenes and riffo aren't in the team.. you should have fabian orellana (WF), valdivia (AMF), Nicolás Corvetto (plays in UDINESE), and Pablo Contreras (CB)..
i hope this can help you to make your updates (best) much better...


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V1.05 will contain:

Schalke 04 & Bayer Leverkusen
Some new/fixed kits
Missing transfers
Created players
Player fixes (hair, boots, numbersm accessories etc)
and more

are you thinking about adding the 3 missing teams from the Champions League? Bate, Anarthosis and Aalborg? that'd be amazing :)

also, i wanted to give your some things that need correcting in the in-game Portuguese teams:
Benfica > Zoro #17 (Ivory Coast national team) need to be added to Benfica's squad. / Luís Filipe and Edcarlos need to be droped from the squad, since they aren't at Benfica anymore.
Sporting Lisbon > Pontius Farnerud need to be dropped from the squad, he's not at Sporting any longer.
FC Porto > i'm not sure he's still in the squad, but if he is, Rui Pedro needs to be taken out of the squad. he's on loan this year.


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Hello Muffman,
Im sure this has been mentioned before but jus wanted to know if the stats have been touched on the original players in the game?
If so, could i please have a list of the players?
If there is too many then maybe a list of lets say the top players at the big clubs??

Also, cant wait for the next version!!! :D THANK YOU!!


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Also Nigel Quashie is at West Ham (Who's squad list is full up in V1.04), but is on loan at the moment to Birmingham City, so you could take him out of the West Ham team to accomodate Tristan in V1.05!!!!



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Good job all the way! I realised a while back that your option file was better than many others around.
Muff, football needs motherf**kers like you! :)
Keep the fine piece of art updated.


p.s. Fabregas has changed his hairstyle!!!! I think Adebayor has some coloured stuff on his wrist... and hmmm... lemme think! -_-

I think Vela face scan's slightly "funny"... and just wondering if there's any way of "fitting" orange boots. I love football and love PES, and I think the feel of speed, control & response that differs from players to players (even thought they're just nice 3d-models emulating the real ones out there) make this game so special. The feel of using a Joe Cole (even thought I support Arsenal) when he's on top form or a Van Persie (OMG! His shot power drives keepers crazy, that "thudd" sound when he "whips" the ball... U know what I'm talking about!!!! :D) sending evil low drives with "keeper finger-breaking*" power!! :p

.: Woops! I just get taken away and write books! lol.. I was saying, the looks (socks length, boots, sleeves, hairstyles) really add to the experience. That's why we are all here downloading your option file. Koz we love PES and we want to spice up our experience to feel closer to the real art. And believe me or not, this game has made me murder stupid thoughts and see the different aspects of football as a team game (that still requires "gifted" individuals for the magic!!)!:D

*just me

oh yeah... I think Danny Ireland is a top player and he decided to shave his head and adopted the chrome dome look with rusty stubbles. lol


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Hello sir.. I have "Load failed because data is from a different version. Download contant and update data." error in 1.04..

1.03 can resolve my problem without Konami update?


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I ve got problems applying the chants. I created the playlist named KONAMI_PES, but still the game is not able to recognize the mp3s. Can you help please! Thanks