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What are you currently playing?


Yes, lots of driving. It's good, I'm just a bit shit at the vehicle combat. :tongue:

I've been watching a gameplay video for the last 30 mins. Holy shit, this game looks seriously cool. Some things I noticed:

- The player was driving to Pink's territory to reduce the threat there so he could get an new exhaust so he would be able to race and pay a debt for a woman that he needed to participate in another race so he could get a new V8 engine.

- Storms are pretty much perfect, both visually and in the real effect it has.

- I just love how the car is almost more important than the character. It is a fortress, a transport, a safehouse for weapons... Good stuff.

I think I've found my next game.


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- I just love how the car is almost more important than the character. It is a fortress, a transport, a safehouse for weapons... Good stuff.

Well the whole game is pretty much about upgrading your car, and acquiring other vehicles.


Mario Kart Wii

Wii was/is the only console I ever had, and Mario Kart was my favourite game. When I moved out of my home city to go to uni Mario Kart pretty much disappeared from my life (apart from holidays).

Well Dolphin Emulator changed that and I've been playing it for the last few days. What a blast!
Dying Light

I think Fallout 4 will have to be something quite special to top this as my GOTY. Thank you Ali for recommending this, I think that this is up there with Fallout 3 as the best open world game I have played. Quests are enjoyable, exploration/traversal system is great and day/night gameplay shifts always keep you on your toes.

Starting to find better and better weapons as I level up (sickles are great, plus found my first sword in a police van), so no longer that scared of night time, even though I have only killed one of the cunts, usually manage to escape through a combination of flares and UV light now, and the grappling hook has opened up all manner of escape options.

Not progressed far in the story, always seem to get distracted on the way by random events, side quests, supply drops, lock picking vehicles for supplies or just a landmark I think looks interesting and that I should attempt to climb.

GOAT shit.


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[MENTION=79096]Jonno394[/MENTION] - amazing to think that you couldn't really get into it at the start! Personally, I wouldn't put it on par with my favourite open world games, like Fallout 3, Skyrim, TW3 etc. The gameplay is great, but it doesn't really have the "ooh look, I wonder what that is over there" kinda quality that something set in a larger and (in some cases) more varied landscape. It's an 8/10 game for me.
Yeah, it's different in that manner, but I think sometimes maps can be far too big (an issue I always had with Skyrim) so Dying Lights tighter game world is a plus for me. Plus it's just too much fun to run around in.


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Finished Until Dawn..... with only 2 survivors. :bravo:

This is who survived:

Sam (Hayden Panettiere) and Em (bitchy Asian girl)

Great game. Not perfect, but I'd put it ahead of similar games such as Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls (both of which I enjoyed).
Super Meat Boy

Platforming crack. i'm rather addicted to this, but after beating the Light world campaign (the "easy" side of the game) I don't know if i have it in me to beat the dark world, it was maddening enough as it is!

The difficulty and learning curve makes you appreciate good platform level design and fantastic controls and jumping mechanics.


Just completed it yesterday. I've been playing it sporadically over a several weeks. It's a fairly straightforward puzzle game, but I have to admit to struggling when it came to the magnets. For a 2D, black & white, side scroll game, it looks great.

I downloaded Broken Age over the weekend, so that will be my next secondary game.


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Super Meat Boy

I don't think I'll ever complete this one. I'm too old for these frustrating type games these days. It's a good game though, so I'll keep going back to it now and then.

Grow Home

A pleasant little game this one. Interesting climbiing mechanics, though it can be a bit annoying when you misjudge a jump etc and end up plummeting 500m to the surface below.

Unmechanical Extended

Another PS+ game as with the 2 above. I'd recommend it if you're in the mood for a short puzzler (will only take you around a couple of hours to complete).


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Life is Strange

If you enjoyed Telltale's Walking Dead series, then I highly recommend this one. All 5 episodes has been released. It was worth the US$20.00 I spent on this one. In my opinion, the choices you made seem to matter more than that of the Walking Dead game.
Lego Dimensions

Same Lego gameplay, now with toys to life shit. Some of the new franchise levels are great, with portal, Midway Arcade and Doctor Who deserving of praise especially. Nearly finished.

Dragon Quest Heroes

I liked Hyrule Warriors alot, but that's likely because i'm a zelda fag. Differeent gameplay, different franchise but still decent, but I doubt it'll hold my interest as much as Zelda did.

Assassins Creed Unity

Played for an hour or so and up to the second sequence. Paris looks amazing, no bugs yet and Arno seems liek a decent lead. Noticed a bit of slowdown while in heavily populated areas, looks like Ubi just pushed the engine too hard (and rightly scaled back the crowds in Syndicate)


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Broken Age

Just over half way through this. A solid point and click adventure, with a good amount of humour. It's free on PS+ now, so I'd recommend that people give it a shot.

Tales from the Borderlands

Only recently finished the first episode, good stuff. Quite a few people rate this as Telltale's best (ahead of TWD Season 1 and TWAU), even on the quality of the first episode alone, I can see why.

The Talos Principle

Would recommend to anyone who likes a good puzzle game (Portal 2 etc). I'm not too far into it yet, and although it doesn't have the humour of the Portal series, it certainly matches it in puzzle quality. There's only been one or two puzzles I haven't been able to complete yet, but you can go back to them at any point, it doesn't halt your progress.


Chaos Reborn.

Quality wizard/tile/turn based game from the developers from the original XCOM.

The multi player mode reminds me of XCOM/Civ/Populus/Worms/Bomberman/MTG. Fast games aswell, maybe 10-15mins a round as it's sudden death.

If you're anyways a board game nerd this is a must play.
Assassins Creed Unity

Finished the main campaign, game was great fun, I got much better at stealth the more I played. Loads of shit to do but doubt I can be arsed to go back for collectibles or side assassinations. Might play the DLC at some point though.

Shovel Knight

Excellent platformer. Nearly gave up as the difficulty is quite high, but after the first couple of levels everything clicked and the combinations of items at your disposal help make things easier. About 2/3 of the way through and found a nice bonus battle against a Playstation icon!


One particular spoiler in the below.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

Finished this yesterday. The Protoss campaign was good, albeit had mission objective repetition carried over from Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. The ending for the Protoss was also fitting. However.....

There are three epilogue missions. The writers had backed themselves into a corner by stating that Kerrigan had to be the central focus of the story and so we got some slightly ridiculous things happening with the story here (including where we find out that Tassadar actually did die the first time around). It was nice to play as each of the three races one last time but the ultimate ending, although good for the closure of the Kerrigan-Raynor storyline was a bit too soppy for the StarCraft world. Their potential love story was always jarring in the midst of the overarching war.


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Finished Tales from the Borderlands last night. Would highly recommend it to anyone who likes other Telltale games, or has played at least one Borderlands game. The Borderlands universe is great, and I think it's better suited to a story based game like this, rather than a shooter.
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (via the 1.5 HD collection)

Really enjoying this game, tried it about two times before on the PS2 but combat never clicked, but it just seems to work now.

Resistance 2

Storyline is going a bit m'eh tbh, but I'll try to finish it. One sequence involving three of the fucking built like a tank Titan Chimeras who wield rocket launchers of some sort in chapter 3 nearly put me off the game entirely.