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What are you currently playing?


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It's fun but gets a bit boring after a while. No doubt the final game will have more things to do in it and obviously it'll be a much larger map! Other than that the game is living up to my expectations, since it's first reveal it's been the one game I've been looking forward to this gen! Just a shame it's released a week before I bugger off to Australia for a while. Hopefully it'll still have some online presence this time next year and I'll get the definite version!

While the story part of the demo was short it has promise, bound to be some grinding, but if they have more buildings to search and rewards for doing so, then it could be worth it.

Despite some frustration in the PvP area I do think it's a good and often amusing addition, plus it certainly seems to be a concerted effort to increase the longevity of the game.

Definitely pre-order material for me, just need to sort out my headset situation before 8th March!



I'm going to try and not spoil anything. But in the case I can't help myself I'll use a spoiler tag.

This is a fairly recent game, very RAM hungry, port to PS4 may exist in the future. For now strictly a PC game.

Campo Santo created one of the most beautiful, yet clearly not real, environments I've laid my eyes on. The lightning is beautiful, the skies are beautiful, and while this isn't the main standout of the game, it helps with the immersion. To the story then.

Your name is Henry. Because of (spoilers) you leave home and take a job as a fire lookout. Those lookout towers in the middle of nowhere, spending the summer in complete isolation, just looking for fire in the middle of acres and acres of endless green? That's your life now. The only thing breaking the routine is your boss Delilah. You talk to each other with the help of walkie-talkies.

After days and days of spoilers and some freaky incidents, the summer ends and you leave.
And the person who you bonded to, Delilah, will merely be a memory in your head. You don't even meet!
The voice actors are amazing, and the story really gets to you. I doubt there's a single person who hasn't some kind of connection to what happens. And in my case, that connection is this. This very same place where I'm writing.

You see, I'm a strange person. I like to believe I'm a good one though, friend of my friends, loyal, strong minded but in overall quite nice to the anons around the world. I like to believe everybody is a cool cat until proven otherwise. But I might be damaged. I am completely indifferent to things most people consider fulcral. Refugees? Ah, fuck em. But then I find a homeless guy in the street and buy him a sandwich. Maybe it was the fact I grew up alone (I have a heavily disabled sister, spina bifida, she has the myelomeningocele type, I have the occulta type), mind my business, not because I didn't have friends but merely because I liked (and still do) to be alone, not having unnecessary noises/people disturbing me. Sociopaths are just psychopaths that manage to appear functioning machines to the outside world. And while I think a lot of stuff most people (may as well think too, just don't admit it) don't, I suppress those thoughts effectively. You don't need to be bored with more info.

To some extent, pesgaming has been my shrink and my Delilah (minus the sexual tension, of course). I've taken my mind out of some serious shit in here, and without knowing you've helped a young man evade his biggest enemy: his own head. Even without helping me specifically, you've helped me, big time. And while Delilah did help Henry to an even bigger extent, this is not my job, so you lads did way more than you were asked or expected to.

Now the sad part. This has already be highlighted by Sweey before, but it didn't affect me specifically. Just like Henry and Delilah, they bonded like few other people can in their entire lifetime. In Henry's own words, "... they are trying to understand how two people behave under isolation". This kind of interaction can't be faked. When people spend so much time together you can't avoid showing some of you to the world. And maybe that's why I kept it to myself as well, in order to reduce the chances of revealing myself. The Man Who Sold the World, or in my case, the man who hid from the world. This music always got to me because I've been doing just the same: around my friends I'm this big pile of happiness, drinking beer and discussing girls and football, while within my boundaries I don't even know who I am. Apart from two friends I don't think they even imagine I lie about myself, and those two have only seen a slight glimpse of my true self. I have only seen a slight glimpse of my true self. (this is the kind of shit that recurs in my head)

Anyway. Henry and Delilah had a deep relationship. But it ended. Just like it started, in the blink of an eye. And we have the same here. You will, someday, not tomorrow, but eventually, leave my routine, and all this relationship will end. Yes, it started and for all matters still is based in PES, but your influence in my life goes well beyond that. No big surprises, or grand finales, or "happy ever after" Disney shit. This is real life, and people break apart (even PES will end). I've slowly grown apart from my childhood friends, although I've been trying to keep them a little closer lately. But this is different. When I came here for the first time I wasn't expecting this kind of journey, and neither did Henry. I came for fun, he went there to escape his problems, and we both got caught up in it.

This is getting pretty long already so I'll finish quickly. Play this game. For the love of all that's holy, play it. Take your time, don't rush anything. It really is an incredible ride. And as far as I'm concerned, my place in this forum has been one as well. Thank you folks, for everything. And I hope this doesn't come across as lame. If there's something I hate more than minions is lame texts. I just needed to say it.


I thought Firewatch was already out on PS4. That's how I first heard of it. I didn't even realise it was out on PC.

It's a game I'm interested in, but not in a rush to play.


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Been playing the UFC 2009 Undisputed game on the PS3 (recently acquired from a CEX for a measly £2) - a lot of controls to learn, it's not exactly one of those games where you can pick up and play, but with practice, it gets good. I still struggle when it comes to the moves on the floor (submissions and stuff). I usually prefer to just stay upright and adopt a boxing/kickboxing style.


I enjoyed the THQ UFC games. Yeah, the floor game was the hardest to master. Took me a while to work it out. It was easier in UFC 2010.


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Tearaway Unfolded

Finished this the other day. Very good game, fun and unique. I have to say though, I was pretty shite when it came to the creative aspects, so I did not appreciate when the game kept bringing up my all crappy designs later in the game. :folarm:

Far Cry: Primal

If you've played any Far Cry, or indeed any Ubisoft open world game, you know what to expect. Much of it is the same as FC4, heck... even the map is the same layout (though to be fair, it's not noticeable in game). Despite its shortcomings, it's still a fun game. Beast taming is cool, and getting a long range headshot with the bow or spear doesn't get old.


Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
I've played it for just under an hour, so I'm probably not far from the end. Enjoying it so far, although directing two characters at once is proving to be a pain. Fairly easy, though. I was expecting it to be a challenging puzzler, so I'm hoping that will be coming soon.


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[MENTION=52166]Dragonfly[/MENTION] - where are you up to?

Regarding the difficulty, it's not exactly difficult, but I never found that to be an issue since the main focus is on the relationship between the 2 brothers. Regarding the controls, I never found it a pain. Just keep the character you control with the left stick on the left side of the screen, and right stick on the right side.

If you want a challenging puzzler, try The Talos Principle.


I just stopped at the bit where you encounter an imprisoned troll. She then points at another troll with the keys.

Yeah, I get that, regarding the brothers' relationship. Maybe I've not spent enough time on it to be invested in their relationship. Or maybe I'm a cold-hearted, apathetic bastard. However, I do like the characters you encounter on the journey. It's kind of charming and characterful in that way.

I did have a look at The Talos Principle. I'd be interested in getting it once the price falls closer to £10.


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I think you're around (maybe less than) half way.

Talos Principle is quite a long game, especially with the add-on included on PS4, so you should probably raise your "asking price" a bit. :)


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Life is Strange

Finished this last night, great game.

Ending spoilers:

Chose to save Arcadia bay. Was quite surprised to see the statistics after, about 45% chose to save Chloe.... I thought it'd be much lower!


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Just finished this last night. Good game. Manages to stay interesting for the 100 levels, as it keeps introducing new abilities and enemies. One rather interesting cameo:

Jim Sterling :poorchoice:
Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros

Skipped over Dream Team Bros for now, as heard this is better than that. Love the Mario and Luigi RPG series, and so far, this seems great and ticks all the right boxes.
Resident Evil: Revelations

Got this in a bundle ages ago, and suddenly felt the urge to play it yesterday, looks and funs great on PC, plus I'm already further in it than I ever got on the 3DS version!