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    What Will You Do First In The Full Version Of PES 2011 ?

    have a game as Newcastle, wasn't the same without us last year!
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    Post a rating 9.5 pic : )

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    PES 2009 Summer Transfers

    have Konami confirmed if they are going to release a summer tranfser update?
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    Whats the furthest distance you've scored from?

    mine is still 31m, i've tried Alon's method but can't seem to do it!
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    What changes/additions would you like to see in Pes 2010?

    i would definately like to see the Championship in pes 2010, i have always thought it is the best league in the world.
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    Pro Evo does the Prem. league

    the premierleague is for losers, the championship is where it's at!
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    PES 2010 Classic Players: who would you like to see fully licensed?

    thats a good idea i think i might do that
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    PES online is totally fixed

    exactly the same happened to me, Guy picks Stoke, i am Newcastle, gets to half time fine 0-0, second half starts and the game is lagging all over the place, i literally can't get a touch, every time i get ball it's lags and he gets ball, soooo annoying! he won 2-0 in the end.
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    10 vs 10: Good or Bad ?

    Couldn't agree more, if you want to play 11 v 11 go to the park and play the real thing, it's alot more fun.
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    10 vs 10: Good or Bad ?

    yeah, i can't see anyone playing defence and taking it seriously, even in legends online in PES people are all over the shop, and that's with just 4 players!
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    How many people.....

    the last fifa i bought was fifa 98 on N64, i had a couple of games on this years and wasn't to keen.
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    Scoring from 35 yards out

    i can't do this for the life of me! 31m is the furthest i have got!