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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


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I was only kidding about the sniper rifles - be my guest.

I've been known to pick someone's up and then go mad with it for a bit - it's all part of the game.

I just hope my connection holds up tonight - I've not used my PS3 online since I moved house a couple of months ago and the guy I'm living with (my mate) has sometimes had only reasonable speeds when I've played with him online in the past.


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I should be on around 6 as well and i will be recording, so if we can get some awesome or funny kill cams i'll make a compilation or something.


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Sorry about the sudden disappearance - internet went down completely. I don't think it's back up yet.

The few games I played were pretty forgettable. Although in that Rust free-for-all, I almost felt like I was cheating by having a heartbeat sensor.


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I came on at about 19:30 and there was no-one on, so I wouldn't worry too much Nifty; everyone else seemed to disappear suddenly too lol..



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I played for an hour or so, then my lass come back round, forgot id agreed the other day! Apparently its ignorant when i play and ignore her. She hasnt quite got her head round being a console widow yet!

I added the few people who did play tho, think i proved how poor i am at the game too. But willing to try again, im off for 5 weeks before i go back to sea, so will have plenty spare time.

Keyser Soze

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Chest infections suck. Anyone going to be about tonight? I wanna get a decent group going, CoD gives me zero satisfaction these days unless I'm playing with people I (heh, sort of) know.

I miss our private games.


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I'm also in for some games. Haven't played this in a while. Feel free to add me on psn if your intrested in playing some MW2 or Red dead redemption even.


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Going to get myself online tonight for some MW2. If there's enough people around we can have a little session.

Maybe about 8pm or so.


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This is what me and my mates get upto in our private matches on XBox, if anyone wants to join us.

Epic third person no scope match near the end :lol:



...has worn the t-shirt!
gone back to this from black ops!black ops doesnt seem to have the draw on me as mw2 did!the only thing mw2 is lacking is jeeps,tanks and bikes like there was in cod3!


The Three Amigos
I sold my copy of Black Cocks a fortnight ago; been back on MW2 ever since.

Still absolutely loving the game (and the abuse we get after dominating teams in S&D).


MW2 is shit now that I have Black actually need to be decent in black ops, wheras MW2 was a game that only required a few kills then you could molest people with killstreaks


Indeed. I just sold my MW2 a few days ago.

I was skeptical prior to the release of Black Ops to be honest as I didn't really play COD3 and I really disliked WaW. However Black Ops has really surpassed my expectations and it almost has a COD4 feel to it - which is a great thing. Black Ops is a really well balanced online game considering how terribly unbalanced MW2 was (as Gun Runner has mentioned already).

I'm personally loving the Black Ops gameplay, and even the guns. Now I'm starting to mix up the guns a little, I'm finding some nice gems. The "only" big gripe I'd have about Black Ops is the lack of large open maps as it renders sniping obsolete disappointingly as I used to love playing the chameleon on the outskirts of large maps with the rifle. Fingers crossed Activision have listened to the community and incorporate at least one large more open map in a map pack release.


The Three Amigos
I'm not a quickscoper but they nerfed sniping that much that it becomes impossible to snipe.

As for "balancing it out" they've just made all guns equally as shite. Next time you get a kill count how many bullets it took to kill them; I've had 3 headshot noises before my enemy died, countless times. They've ruined my other favourite weapon, the RPG. To balance it they made it less powerful, whilst forgetting that the balance was already there with its poor mobility, fire rate and random trajectory.

MW2 may be "broken", but to do well in games like S&D you have to be decent at the game, which is what I feel I am. That's all I play nowadays and fucking love it!