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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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lol...why all the stress guys? i get over it all by not answering at all...just wait for Muff to release the patch as i'm sure newer members can answer most questions by now


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why r players like old ronaldo etc r not showing up in the game(editor)?

p.s.for next update i wish u would unlock every player if its it muff?

the best OF!thx again.


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Help Again

Ok. I tried Installing the OF two more times and no luck. Im guessing im missing something, becuase everyone else seems to have the OF working.

Can someone please give me a link to a guide of how to properly install an OF or just tell me some simple steps?

Also do you think the fact that I just got the game last week has something to do with OF not working? I just want to see what is wrong to get the OF working.

Thanks in advance btw,:D


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Help Again

Just saw a post that made me realize why it might not be working. I bought the PES 2009 in the US, so im guessing its the American Version. Also I only have the 1.10 update. Is this why it doesnt work for me?


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PES 2009 Von Option File


New like, :D

just wondering do you make new boots for the ps3 option file??

Nike Vapour Berry/White
Nike Vapour Citron/Charcoal
Nike Air Legend 2 White/White/Anthracite
Nike Air Legend 2 Black/Black/Sail

Adidas Predator Fantasy Orange/Black
Adidas Predator Power White/Silver/Black
Adidas Predator Swerve Indigo/Silver/Pool
Adidas +F50.9 Lionel Messi Haze/Night/White

if you dont do you know if it is possible to download the PC version edited boots and put them in the PS3?

Thanks :lol:


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If you search the forum there is a system data with all the players unlocked. This is such a minor problem and the least of what muff really needs to get done of all things.

ps: As for ronaldo you need to create him yourself. And once again if you SEARCH the forum there is a formula you can use to create the old ronaldo. Search search search.