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Where would you place the next GTA?


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thought about manchester, theres already a gang thing going on that they could use, as for a setting they need a large place with similar buildings that can just be replicated. this could be a council estate. deansgate could be the posh place where the big bosses live. the shopping centre in vice city could be like the arndale. black cabs instead of romans taxis. evening news stands as well as the hot dog stands. maybe including the buses on as well as the tram system.


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Something based like Tokyo inner city all Modern and Hi Tech but outskirts steeped in Japanese history, Working outward getting into the big game of Inner City Mafias, They have the gangs, the cars. Not too bad a place to be honest.

But realistically it'll be Vice City.

My heart says place it in Glasgow!!!

But my heads agrees with you Sir. GTA:Tokyo would be immense!


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I'd love a modern UK GTA, whether it would be in London or somewhere else. As said already, a good Getaway would be nice.


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Vice City. Obviously.

Yeah i agree it will most likely be modern day and you may use a immigrant, most likely a Hispanic immigrant. That rises to the top through the drug trade, the game will feature a bunch of Miami celebs (Rick Ross and etc.). And the Everglades may also feature in the game.

So thats what i think will happen. And plus all this talk about the game being in Europe or South America would really lost a bit of fans. Cos America is just the place, everybody can relate to most American humor (Cos humor is a big part of GTA). So, think the next GTA will still be based in Vice City.