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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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hi there

was wondering i have the update v1.02 and i would now like to download the new update. i did try and get it but when i tried this it didnt work, and also the kits didnt go back on, so i deleted it and went back to the old one. i did everything possible but for some reason it didnt work.

could you advise me on how it would be possible so that then i could get the newer one with all the january transfers done, lastest kits, boots and all the good things that come with it.

still worth the wait though for when i do get it, your updates are the best mate


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make sure you have the correct edit data from the new OF then all kits transfers faces etc will be allocsted to their correct spots.


yes it does but when konami release their new update they are doing alot of work on players stats from how the players have performed this season


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first download link which is title new update :)


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I saw you said that you hadn't done all non english transfers, and i am not sure if you meant that if we see one that you didn't do, that we should tell you or not. So i figured i would tell you ones that i saw that haven't been done.

CB Diamoutene of Lecce now plays for AS Roma

SB Motta of Udinese now plays for AS Roma

CF Okaka of AS Roma was loaned out to Brescia (Seria B team)

Palermo bought Uruguayan Abel Hernandez of Penerol

Napoli bought Jesus Datolo from Boca Juniors

That is all i can think of for now. And that is if you wanted us to point out un done transfers.


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hi, once again great option file!!!!
noticed 2 missing transfers from la liga BBVA (española)

Ricardo Oliveira (PES Shop, i believe) is on Real Betis now (he scored today :D against Sevilla)
Thiago Carletto (Side back from Santos, Brazil) is on Valencia


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Thiago Silva is on Brazil... He also plays for AC Milan.

CMF Ernst of Schalke 04 now plays for Besiketas

CMF Haibing Zhou of China now plays for PSV

The Muff

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Thiago Silva is on Brazil... He also plays for AC Milan

lol no way, I already created him for the next update :D Good job you mentioned that

For all of you mentioning international transfers, thanks for the help. I found a list of all the transfers from January so I've done them all for the next update.


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Thanks for the Update. Really great work, Dude.
But will you add some more German Teams? For Example Borussia Dortmund and Hamburg? Think together with Bremen, Leverkusen, Schalke und Bayern, they're the Top-German teams. Perhaps Hoffenheim as well, but they're a newcomer.
That would really be awesome.
Anyway, best Optionfile on the world. Great job.


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do you think you could add a lot of premiership team youth players? would add an extra dimension to ML games... arsenal are missing 5 or 6..... thanks


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gj Mr Muff, keep up the good work

for me i guess i'll wait till konami release their update i dont wanna do everything all overagain >_< !!


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thax dude

but i wana to ask you a question

i wana a easy way to move my save files from the ps3 to a flash memory
i tried once to move them directly but i couldn't
i have to copy each one alone

because as you know that the option file has a lot of save files
so it'll take me a long time to copy it or even to delete it


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please can some post the link for the update ONLY?

i cant find it..when i download the first link its the same shit like the beta version..


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Hi all

I have updates 1-6, but i didn't bother with the BETA update. Can I now just use the V2.0 (update 8) or do I need the BETA update as well?

Thanks in advance